Faces 2020 Article

Dermatologists see the skin as the window to the body, said Dr. Mary Finnegan of Braddock Finnegan Dermatology. “There are over 3,000 diagnoses in dermatology and I believe we are well-prepared to treat anything.”

Dermatology is a high-demand specialty in this community, but the team still makes a point to get to know each patient personally, said Dr. Blake Helget, because stress and other factors can affect a patient’s skin. Upon joining the growing practice last summer, Helget became the newest member of the team founded by Dr. Suzanne Braddock (now retired) and led by Dr. Mary Finnegan. The practice sees patients of all ages.

“We treat common skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema; do skin cancer screening and treat skin cancer; and we have many resources to treat varying conditions such as patch testing for skin allergies, light boxes for psoriasis and eczema, and blue light treatment for skin cancer,” Helget said. “We also offer a wide array of cosmetic procedures including botox and fillers, lasers for sunspots, and microneedling.

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