Patch Testing

Patch Testing


We are the one of the very few dermatology practices in the region to offer extended patch testing, as recommended by the American Contact Dermatitis Society.

Patch testing involves the application of diluted samples of the most commonly encountered allergens that come into contact with the skin, such as nickel, fragrance, and preservatives, followed at 48 and 72 hours by readings of positive reactions. We are members of the American Contact Dermatitis Society and have access to the Contact Allergen Management Program, which is the most up-to-date online contact dermatitis resource. We also have access to the SkinSafe Products Database. We can patch test to additional trays including but not limited to: plants, sunscreens, preservatives, cosmetics, hairdressings, corticosteroids, shoes, perfumes/flavors, dental, textile & leather dyes, metals, oil & cooling fluids and others.

If you are a patient undergoing patch testing, the patches will be placed on skin free of rash on day 1 (Monday).  For two days we ask that the skin where the patches are applied remains dry.  You return for 48 hour (Wednesday) and 72 hour (Friday) readings.

We offer Mean Erythema Dose (MED) testing to determine threshold of sunburn in persons with photosensitivity.

We are the only medical practice in the State of Nebraska to offer photopatch testing.



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