Braddock Finnegan Helget dermatology doctors and staff

People may associate dermatology with teenage acne, but dermatologists provide treatment for conditions affecting skin and hair regardless of age.

“We are continuing to offer our very high standards of care in medical dermatology, skin cancer surveillance and cosmetic treatment,” Dr. Mary Finnegan said. “We’re constantly immersing ourselves in what’s new in dermatology.

There are new therapies for hair loss, psoriasis, and vitiligo. At the same time there’s been an increased incidence of melanoma, so we continue to offer our diligent, thorough skin exams. We also offer phototherapy for inflammatory skin conditions, and advanced patch testing (to identify allergies).”

The dedicated team’s thoroughness and attention to detail give patients confidence, and the office is designed to ensure their privacy “After patients have a procedure, they aren’t walking back through the lobby,” Finnegan added.

The Braddock Finnegan Helget team consists of dermatologists Dr. Finnegan and Dr. Helget; physician assistants Greg Morrison, Joyce Sumner and Molly Svec; registered nurse Katie Schmidt; and certified estheticians-medical assistants Kristie Haffke and Alison Heinert.

Braddock Finnegan Helget Dermatology

7911 West Center Road

Omaha, NE 68124


This profile originally appeared in the 2022 FACES of Omaha collection, presented by Omaha Magazine. To see the full book, see our flipbook here.